What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Our health and wellbeing are some of the most important topics in our lives, and there’s never such a thing as too much time or effort spent on them. However, there are almost as many ways to face the topic as there are people in the world. And this is how the notion of regenerative medicine came to be.

If this is your first time hearing of regenerative medicine, or you aren’t completely sure how it works you arrived at the right place. Today we’ll explain how regenerative medicine works and why it might be something you could be interested in. So stick with us till the end and discover a whole new way to tackle diseases.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine refers to any medical practice that aims to regenerate and heal our bodies instead of just fighting the symptoms. This might sound a little bit confusing at first glance, but it’s simpler than it sounds.

Let’s use an example. shall we? Let’s say you have recurring knee pain that appeared as the result of an accident or damage to your joints. With traditional medicine, the focus of your treatment would lie on painkillers and at most surgery. Traditional medicine first and foremost focuses on dealing with the symptoms to improve your life quality.

A regenerative medicine treatment would likely involve stem cells instead to help your knee tissue recover and grow back into its original and healthy shape. In other words, regenerative medicine focuses on recovering your body and not just dealing with the symptoms that your injuries are causing.

As a whole, it offers a more integral opportunity to heal. Symptoms will never fully leave as long as the source of your illness or pain remains there. And that’s why regenerative medicine is so different because it targets the root issue directly and aims to fix it all together. Meaning that their symptoms won’t just be temporarily alleviated, they will be gone forever.

How to get involved with regenerative medicine?

Right now regenerative medicine isn’t widely available in most hospitals, and you’ll likely need to find a dedicated Medical Office that focuses on this area. As usual with anything that involves health and your body we recommend that you research thoroughly on each clinic and its staff before making an appointment. But those of you in Los Angeles have access to regenerativemedicinela.com. Dr. Ghalili and his team have years of experience in Regenerative Medicine and their results are both impressive and thoroughly recorded.…

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