Go 100% Green On Your Next House Project

Almost all of our actions have some sort of ecological footprint. It’s almost impossible to do anything in this world without affecting the environment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do better. Day after day countless companies and specialists strive to develop new products that are more responsible for the environment and now it’s up to us to use them.

Construction had traditionally been an area with a huge ecological footprint, but this has begun to change. Countless new products and ideas allow us to go green in almost every area of construction. All it takes is some research and the will to do better for our earth. So today let’s take a look at a few products that will forever change the way you look at construction.

Revolutionary products that changed green building

Usually, when we say something isn’t green it means that it either requires too many chemicals and water for its elaboration, or it releases contaminating compounds when it’s used. A lot of building materials require obscene amounts of water, and almost every traditional adhesive releases volatile compounds that contribute to smog.

So what can we do then? Opt for safer alternatives that still fulfill the same role; it’s as simple as that. Adhesives with low compound emissions like Litokol completely change the game. This tile adhesive has ultra-low emissions, so using it immediately reduces the impact on the environment.

Carpets are often treated with extensive chemicals and this means that even if they aren’t dangerous right now they affected the environment just to be made. So if you pick brands like Bio-Floor which make sure to avoid chemicals you are helping the environment. On top of that Bio-Floor uses renewable resources, so you are going green in two different ways.

Do you remember that characteristic smell of an open can of paint? A large part of that smell comes from the fumes paint releases and those aren’t exactly safe. So instead why not pick a can of non-toxic Safecoat? This paint brand has no dangerous fumes and works just as well as everything else in the market.

Where to buy them?

if you are looking for a shop that carries all these products and more you don’t have to look further than centerforgreenbuilding.com. This store has just about anything you can think of when it comes to green building. And not only can you shop online, but they even help with tasks like paint mixing at no cost. CenterForGreenBuilding com is truly dedicated to the environment, so rest assured you are in good hands.