The Benefits Of Small Business Text Messaging

Many small business’s today, overlook the benefits of text messaging when it comes to advertising and promoting their services and products to customers, as social media has mostly dominated that area. Savvy entrepreneurs are tuned into text message marketing and have been able to engage with customers in a very quick and cost-effective way. People enjoy looking at their phones and this can be viewed as a resource.

While it can be a daunting task, trying to choose a text messaging service for your small business, as there are so many of these services available offering different things, finding the right one is the key to reaping the benefits of mobile text marketing. Examples of small business text messaging benefits are:

You Can Engage With Customers In Real Time

Social media has been a boon to many up and coming businesses but text messaging has an advantage over social media platforms – the information is more immediate with text messaging, on Facebook for example, people like many pages which leads to many notifications, a lot of scrolling is involved to get the right information. With a text message you see the information there and then.

Reach More Customers At Once

A good texting service will offer automation as a key tool ,this means that you will send the same text message to all of your customers at the same time. You can also send regular reminders with this every now and again as is necessary.

Customize Your Texts

Some text marketing services are able to store and process customer data, like birthdays, locations and names, this opens a world of possibilities in creating personalized marketing campaigns – it makes the customer feel special and more engaged.

Gather Customer Feedback

Through sending surveys and polls to customers by text, you can get a clearer sense of the way customers think without actually having to talk to them and people do like to be asked their opinion, this gives your business an advantage as you can adapt accordingly. Many texting solutions offer this way of engagement as a function.

It Is Cost Effective

When you compare the cost of texting to other marketing strategies, it is a cheaper way of reaching the public with information on your business. There is no having to pay for expensive printing or mailing letters and brochures, many of which have graphics and pictures in color. adding to the expense of printing.

In Summary

The ways in which small business text messaging solutions improves companies, more entrepreneurs are bound to utilize this strategy and for many it will be the way forward for their business.