What You Should Know About Vasectomy in Phoenix

Each year, more than half a million men in the US choose to undergo vasectomy, a minor surgical procedure performed in a urologist’s office. It works by blocking the vas deferens, thus preventing sperm from reaching the semen. Depending on the way this procedure is performed, there are 2 types of vasectomy – conventional vasectomy and no-scalpel vasectomy. Both represent the most effective method of birth control; the only difference between them is that no-scalpel vasectomy is less invasive than conventional vasectomy, so the risk of potential complication is low.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ and you are considering this procedure, then it’s in your best interest to choose an experienced and top-rated board-certified urologist that specializes in vasectomy. During the initial consultation, your urologist will discuss both types of vasectomy with you and what each of them involves e.g for a no-scalpel procedure, the two vas deferens are retrieved by making just a tiny scrotal opening. Your Phoenix urologist will also inform you of the no-needle technique, which utilizes a jet injector to deliver anesthesia through the skin.

A no-scalpel vasectomy carries a low risk of post-vasectomy pain syndrome and other potential complications, and you will be given instructions for proper care post-operatively. Keep in mind that a vasectomy, no matter its type) is performed under local anesthesia. A top-rated urologist specialized in vasectomy will also explain to the patient why a vasectomy, although highly effective, does not work right away. Mot Phoenix urologists suggest waiting for at least 3 months before performing a semen analysis, which is the only test that can prove the effectiveness of the vasectomy.

You should also keep in mind that a vasectomy does not cause erectile dysfunction, nor it affects ejaculation and orgasm. You should not discontinue other birth control methods right away because sperm can remain in the vas deferens for months. If you are considering this safe, effective and affordable method of permanent birth control and you are looking for the best urologist that specializes in vasectomy Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Central Arizona Urologists, a premier urology practice founded in 1964, either by phone (602) 242-1556 or via the online contact form to book an appointment with Dr. James Fishman, who will be happy to discuss this procedure with you and see if this surgery is right for you.